Valentine's Date LookBook

We all struggle with what to wear, especially on crucial days of the year. Whether you are going out with friends, on a first date, or the 50th date, we all tear through our closets realizing we have nothing to wear. I can totally relate, I never know how to match up articles of clothing to find the look I want. Truthfully, I usually am not the most fashionable one out there. Except, by being around some really fashionably people and redownloading Pinterest, I think I may be able to help out. 

I’ll start with the looks you usually can find me wearing. The casual, comfy, yet cute look. Oversized anything is always a yes! This look includes an oversized cardigan, your favorite jeans, and a detail piece top. Then she dresses it up with a red lip, which is always perfect for valentine’s day. She went with a low bun in order to show off her necklace which lays perfectly with the V-neck lace top. Now, for the men. I think this look is perfect for a more casual date night look. He matches a nice pair of black jeans with a purple dress top and leather white sneakers. By rolling up the sleeves, adding a strong belt, and tucking in the top, it makes for the perfect match between dressy and casual. The pop of color in the top was the perfect choice for a valentine’s date night. 

Now let’s dress it up a little more, how about a body suit? This look has a lace body suit matched with a pair of ripped black jeans. Then to add something onto the black on black, it is matched with some off-white tie up heels and a Dimond necklace. Talk about dressing up your favorite pair of jeans! The purse complements perfectly, since it is mostly black but adds that diamond strap. Her loose curls just pull the whole look together. An easy way to dress up a guy’s look is by adding a clean sweater. He starts the look with black jeans and a white button up, then dresses it up with a gray sweater, suede boots to match, and a formal jacket. Overall this outfit is very clean and trendy. By matching the sweater to the boots, he is telling the world that his life is just put together. 

Lastly, it is time for all the people who just want to be extra. I feel that on a personal level lady and gents! This long sleeve pink mini dress is adorable. The button detail compliments the scrunched turtle neck top and sleeves to add detail to the look. Its chic and cute at the same time. She pairs the dress with some hoops and a messy hair look. Then the over the knee lace-up boots add the cherry on top of a truly stylish outfit. 

Now for the dressy men’s look. He starts off his look with black bottoms and a black top, then adds a cream blazer. The black pocket square to match his black starting point is a great touch. Then he pairs it all with some brown dress shoes. Brown is an unexpected color choice that just makes the look more unique.  Truly an unexpected yet chic look. 

Well, we chatted about the casual, the dressy, and the somewhere in-between date night looks for valentine’s day. Dress it up, dress it down, show your personality through your style. I hope you enjoyed some fashion tips from an occasionally fashionable person. I know I’ll be going for the comfy yet cute look, what about you?

Best of luck, 

Cassie Frankowiak <3