Holiday in the Sun

I am one of those people that could pack 12 bags for a weekend trip, so this blog is not only going to help you but help me realize what essentials are a must have. Super glad we can go through this together! Now, if you are one of those people that go somewhere cold for spring break this might not be the most helpful.

For everyone who is going somewhere warm for spring break, let’s get started! To start off we will need a super reliable suit case. One that has extra pockets and compartments to help organize everything. The suitcases below are from the brand Away. They have special pockets and a portable charger in the back. It’s the perfect suitcase!

Then the first thing you are going to want to stuff in that suitcase is your favorite bathing suit, and an Instagram worthy one right ladies? Below are some of my favorites from Aerie!

While laying out in that bathing suit you are going to need a beach bag. Make sure its large enough to carry everything you’ll need but not to big to where it’s annoying. What should we put in that bag? Defiantly sunscreen, a dependable pair on sunglasses, a large towel, headphones, maybe a koozie and your favorite drink (mines Dr. Pepper), a good book or magazine, some hand sanitizer, and a portable charger. Still, if you are like me you’ll want some more beauty products then just that.

I would defiantly recommend a good and reliable SPF powder/foundation/BB cream, your favorite Chapstick (mine is Burt’s Bees currently), a nice floppy hat, some dry shampoo, a wet brush, some water proof mascara, setting spray, makeup removing wipes, deodorant, body mist, and moisturizing cream. Even if not all of that goes to the beach with you every day, they are everyday essentials. As much as you might “live in your bathing suit” during vacation you’ll need some clothes.

It is a good idea to pack things that you can wear by themselves or over your bathing suit. Some light weight cardigans, shorts, flowy dresses, tank tops, crop tops, and sandals should do the trick. Really think boho beach babe, or at least that’s my favorite vacation style! Truly anything flowy and light weight will be perfect for packing and for the beach. Lastly, don’t forget some bathroom essentials. Your toothbrush, toothpaste, anything you use in the shower, Advil, Band-Aids, curling iron, straightener, mouth wash, acne cream, and everything else you use in your morning/night routine.

I hope your spring break is everything you want it to be and you come back relaxed, refreshed, and not sunburnt! Now I am ready for this vacation to start. Nonetheless I’ll probably still overpack, what about you?

Best of luck, 

Cassie Frankowiak <3