How the Style Show "Works"

Many may think that events like the Northwood University Style Show, "just happen," but that is far from the truth. The Style Show is the product of the Style Show Executive Board's months of planning, trend forecasting, late nights and decision making.

The Executive Board is comprised of four departments, each responsible for a part of the show. The Marketing Team is responsible for the promotion of the event. Promotion includes creating and maintaining a web presence, engaging and informing the greater fashion community, and developing and executing sales strategies to increase ticket sales. The Production Team is responsible for the "look and feel" of the show. That includes the stage design, lighting, sound, and the decoration of the venue. The Style Team is responsible for communicating the show's theme through garments provided to us from retailers across Michigan. Their job includes picking the clothes, recruiting and training the models, and establishing model's hair and makeup looks that are compatible with their runway outfits. The Finance Team is responsible for exploring fundraising and sponsorship opportunities for the show as well as making a budget.

At the head of this entire operation sits the General Chair who is responsible for the hiring and management of all other positions. It is her job to lead the Executive Board in making a successful show!


Behind the Theme 

Inspired by her passion to better equip Northwood University students for the competitive job market within the fashion and events industry, Payge Pacholka, the Chairwoman for this year's Style Show, decided to incorporate trend forecasting into the show. This theme gives Executive Board members experience and practice in a job they may pursue upon graduation. 

Schedule of Events

3:00 pm: Student Style Show

              Hach Student Life Center

              Alumni tour with executive guide


7:00 pm: Guest speaker - Margery Krevsky Dosey

              CEO/ Founder at Productions Plus, Inc.

                 Hach Student Life Center 

                2018 Northwood University Style Show

               Fashion in the Headlights

                 Hach Student Life Center 


8:30 pm: Style Show Gala

              ADA Hotel and Conference Center



The Fashion Marketing and Management degree at Northwood qualifies students to take a wide variety of jobs within the fashion industry upon graduation. By focusing this year’s show on trend forecasting, we not only expose ourselves to a new and challenging experience, but we also get a better sense of our desired career path.
— Payge Pacholka, 2018 Chairwoman

Meet Our Guest Speaker 


Margery Krevsky Dosey

Margery Dosey is an industry pioneer and proven business leader, widely recognized for revolutionizing how the auto industry employs talent.

Ms. Dosey began her career in fashion, but after attending the Detroit Auto Show in the late 1970’s and learning that models were not permitted to speak about the vehicles, she founded Productions Plus in 1981. Through her efforts to emphasize technical training and communication skills along with physical appearance, a new industry standard emerged: auto show models became product specialists – highly-trained experts on the vehicles they represent. Today, Productions Plus is the leading supplier of auto show product specialists in the nation.

Ms. Dosey’s leadership allowed Productions Plus to not only survive the auto industry downturn of 2008-2010, but to thrive through diversification, strategically expanding capabilities to include theatrical talent management with the acquisition of Michigan-based The Talent Shop in 2009. Today, Productions Plus – The Talent Shop is the largest SAG/AFTRA-franchised talent management agency in Michigan and continues to expand its automotive business.